Salad Hunters Inc.
Based in Belmont, Massachusetts

Release date:
April 2018

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Salad Hunt is inspired by classic arcade shooters and compresses them into a mobile form that is accessible to the next generation of gamers. Players take the role of The Chef and find that their kitchen has been invaded by salad ingredients that have come alive as cute, but mischievous characters. Lacking conventional weapons to defend himself, The Chef tosses forks, bowls, and lettuce at them in the hope of saving what remains of his kitchen, but ironically destroys it even further in the process. Salad Hunt captures these moments of mayhem without the use of realistic violence.


Salad Hunters Inc. was founded in 2015 by brothers Telly Lee and Sunny Lee, life long gamers since the NES and Apple II. Salad Hunters is focused on re-imagining classic gaming experiences they fell in love with for future generations of gamers. No animals or kitchens were hurt during the making of this game… but lots of salad was eaten.


  • Free to play
  • Easy to learn
  • Cute characters
  • Kitchen chaos


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  • Minefaire 2018 (SF, LA, Houston, Sacramento)
  • PlayNYC 2018
  • MAGWest 2017, 2018
  • Pocket Gamer Connects: San Francisco 2018
  • Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2018 --- Comics x Games Selection
  • PAX East 2018
  • SXSW Gaming Expo 2018
  • Taipei Game Show 2018 --- Indie House Selection
  • PAX South 2018 --- PAX Rising
  • Montréal Independent Games Festival 2017 --- Official Selection
  • Gameacon Atlantic City 2017 --- Best Mobile Game
  • IndieCade Game Tasting 2017
  • Pocket Gamer Connects: San Francisco 2017
  • The Big Indie Pitch @ GDC 2017
  • MassDiGI Game Challenge 2017 --- Best Art, Best Audio, and Category Runner-Up
  • Pocket Gamer Connects: London 2017
  • MAGFest 2017 --- Official Selection
  • IndieCade Game Tasting 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Making more waves in mobile gaming"
    - Humber News, Website
  • "I love quirky addictive mobile games, especially with cute characters, so Salad Hunt slipped right into my heart."
    - Sidequest, Website
  • "...a hectic combination of mini games and action-packed adventures in a kitchen."
    - The Geekly Grind, Website
  • "I would keep coming back to play just to throw forks at that tomato"
    - GamerHub.TV, Website
  • "Salad Hunt is an arcade shooter with whacky physics that sees you playing as a chef and trying to save the kitchen from vegetables which have come alive, by throwing whatever you can at them. Naturally."
    - The Big Indie Pitch at GDC 2017, Website
  • "When there's a chaos bonus, you know the game's gotta be good. @saladhunt has great artwork, and the worse your aim, the better"
    - Appodeal, Twitter
  • "...enjoy violence...without the violence."
    - Pocket Gamer Connects: San Francisco 2017, Website
  • "Take on swarms of Tomatoes and other similar veggies with a quite a few other modes to and bonus levels the game really is focused for the young and the young at heart."
    - Noaksey, Website

About Salad Hunters Inc.

Salad Hunters is a US independent game studio made up of brothers Telly Lee and Sunny Lee, lifelong gamers since the NES and Apple II.

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Salad Hunt Credits

Telly Lee
Lead Designer

Sunny Lee
Lead Developer

Angela Zhang

Christopher Ewald

Nathan Gaul
3D Modelling

William Kok
3D Modelling

Scott Kletzka
3D Modelling

David Lycan
Technical Artist

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